President SFRC Development Division
Mandrake Capital Partners

Ed Oprindick is the President of Mandrake SFRC Development based in Charlotte NC.  Mandrake is a top BTR developer in the U.S. with over 4,600+ units completed and under development representing $1.3B+ of total projected capitalization.  Prior to Mandrake, Ed spent 5 years with Sherman Financial Group (“SRG”).  SFG was one of the largest buyers of distressed residential lots in the U.S. post financial crisis acquiring over 20,000 lots.  Ed started his commercial real estate career at Capmark Financial where he was involved in the acquisition of $3.3 billion of commercial and multifamily property acquisitions, inclusive of 17,000 multifamily units and 6.8 million square feet of commercial space.  While at Capmark, Ed spent most of his career as an Acquisition Officer and the Portfolio Manager for a $900 million value add closed end fund.

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